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So I bought a set of Rampage headlight housings and they look great. The aiming screws were frozen and I couldn't aim the headlights correctly. I took the whole headlight unit out, Used blaster on the screws with no luck. I didn't want to break the screws inside the plastic housing so what I did was I used a heatgun and run it up and down where the screw went into the housing being carefull not to melt the thing. IT WORKED!! The screws turned freely and I was able to adjust the headlights no problem. Im wondering I want to put new screws in  but how the heck do I get the screws out of the housing without breaking the tabs?? And where would I get the screws? The dealer wants to screw me at 12$ a screw?? thats72$ if you want to do all three on both sides. I have to take pics of my ride and post them. Bought the 97 TJ in DEC and did a lot of repairs to it and its coming along nicely. A source of the screws and how to get them out without damaging the housing would help big time.. anybody have any experience with this?? Thx..This is the best site hands down. You always get help without a lot of wiseguys comments..bigwheel53

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