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Hey came here to get info on the new crate diesel from Cummins. Perfectly sized for the Ford Ranger and my 2003 EDGE 4x!

Anyone have some insight, cost, any fitment concerns?  I am very interested in the setup any little bit of info will help!  

I am from SoCal so there will be connect problems?  I signed up for a call when the R2.8s are ready but not sure what is really happening !

Anyone hear anything ?



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Scrambler82...This would be a natural for the Ranger and your 2003 Edge 4x4...The Cummins Repower crate engine program for its R2.8L diesel four is new and a joint venture with Advance Adapters as you likely discovered in the video interview at the magazine:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/advance-adapters-and-cummins-2-8l-diesel-engine-conversion-for-jeep/.

I have been pressing Advance Adapters for a 50-State legal diesel crate engine package for many years.  When Cummins Repower took its Nissan Frontier R2.8L diesel to the crate engine program, Advance Adapters became the natural conduit for reaching the vast 4x4 market.  The initial application is Jeep TJ Wrangler and the AX15 transmission, the XJ Cherokee is in line for the engine, Toyota Land Cruisers, vintage Broncos and vehicles like your Edge would be logical candidates.  The Aisin AX15 as a retrofit or OE replacement transmission has been sought after by Jeep and vintage Bronco owners for several years now.

Motor mounts can always be fabricated.  The great news about this engine is its lighter weight, compact nature and power output.  The high tech R2.8L powerplant has been an OE offering in the Nissan Frontier and Brazilian F350 models.  It certainly would scoot an Edge along!

Since the engine itself will be certified for emission legality, the issue will be which "tier" of emissions it will meet.  Potentially, it would meet very recent model years, but for initial launch, the focus will be Class 1 emissions (California) vehicles through 2000 model year.  Assume that 2003 would be the next cohort.

As for adaptation, the AX15 five-speed is now a common transmission for Jeep, Dodge Dakota, Toyota (A150) and other vehicle applications including Isuzu/G.M.  If you mated the current diesel offering to a new AX15, the package will be available from Advance Adapters, you would also need the correct transfer case mate-up.

I suggest that you contact Advance Adapters sales at Paso Robles, California (www.AdvanceAdapters.com) and report back to us with your findings about the Edge conversion.  See how they currently view this conversion and where it fits into the pending conversion package timelines.  This conversion engine package will be very popular for years to come, we're all anxious to see it perform in a variety of vehicles.


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I have not heard anything about the availablility of the Cummins R2.8 and wish someone at Cummins would get it together and keep the people that signed up a little more informed.

I am at a point where I need a new engine and will considering a new Auto trans that adapts to my Atlas II T/C, but alas no info.

I am send e-mails to cummins, have responded to the only e-mail I have received from a Director of the Program but nothing else and I am flustered.

If anyone has more info, other than it is being reviewed, please post or contact through the site.

I will contact Advanced Adapters and see if there is more info.


Thks for reading !



Posted:  Mar 2018

I can not locate a way to pos to the end of this Thread... !

Cummins has not only released the R2.8L TD but reduced the price.

I am still trying to locate a builder for a little more advanced work on the Ranger as well as the engine install.

No I have not found a way around the CA Emissions.

I have only a few ore weeks to determine what I will do and to find a Shop to do the work.

Moses Ludel, 

In your Sept 2017 Post, you mentioned two things and here are the answers.

Ford made a Ranger EDGE, it is a Pickup not a Car as the new Ranger will be and yes I have an reworked '82 Scrambler, built from the ground up with HD parts.

I am thinking on selling the Jeep.

Sorry for not adding this post to the end of my last one but I looked and looked but could not find a new post location.

I may have another update soon, after I go to the Water Graphics Shop.

And Moses, I agree, all of the Truck Manufacturers need to reconsider where they are going with PRICING, pricing is getting out of hand !

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Scrambler82...You and many others, including me, have anticipated the launch of the R2.8L Cummins diesel crate engine package from the Cummins Repower program.  Wanting to make the engine package 50-State legal for vehicles like yours, Cummins committed to attaining a California E.O. number before launch.  They are apparently still caught up in the E.O. process.

Prior to VW's diesel engine issue, a clean diesel crate engine seemed a fast track candidate for an E.O. number.  G.M. gasoline V-8 performance crate engine packages were already approved:  https://www.chevrolet.com/performance/FAST-Act.  (Jeg's, Summit Racing and others sell these packages with a California E.O. number/50-State legal.)  Perhaps VW's fiasco with its passenger car diesel has bureaucrats on edge about a diesel engine conversion E.O.  If so, this would be unfair to Cummins and the many consumers who could benefit from this tailpipe-compliant engine. 

The R2.8L Cummins has legitimacy and the support of many thousands.  My most recent count at the magazine's URL page covering the 2016 SEMA Show interview with Steve Sanders showed visitors approaching 37,000.  These would be earnest seekers of 4x4 diesel power in an affordable package.  Last week I read the MSRP on a new and fully loaded Ford F150 Platinum package 4WD with the EcoBoost twin turbo 3.5L gasoline V-6:  over $68,000 plus sales tax, licensing and dealer fees.  (FYI...You can purchase a 3.5L EcoBoost crate engine for under $7,000 without adapters: http://www.fordracingbyspeedshopdirect.com/3_5L_V_6_ECO_BOOST_CRATE_ENGINE_KIT_p/M-6007-35T.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0K7NBRC7ARIsAEaqLRG-hLZMyvFjlkZM9oBt-9R8hbT2LPO397ug7CXUjkJYoXc-IGDjIH4aAn1PEALw_wcB .)  

Many consumers not only need a break from this unsustainable kind of new vehicle pricing, they need support for clean tailpipe diesel-power alternatives like the Cummins R2.8L crate engine.  This high tech diesel should contend with the California tailpipe requirements for your vehicle prospects.  Are you still thinking about the Edge or a Ranger pickup?  Do you have a 1982 Jeep Scrambler as your member name hints?  The R2.8L would run circles around the "legal" tailpipe requirements for a 1982 Jeep CJ with the 4.2L inline six!

Do stay in contact with Advance Adapters.  They have a finger on the pulse and considerable time and R&D invested in the adapters and installation packages for this Cummins engine.  I'm sure they are as motivated to see a 50-State legal crate engine as the rest of us.

Keep us posted on your findings and insights...


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