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Brake Issues With a 2007 Ram Cummins Truck


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I need to discuss some issues with my truck. I think there is some problem with the wheels. When I apply power brakes, the vehicle turns towards the right side. Sometimes I can experience the same issue in the normal braking also. Can somebody tell me the reason behind this? My truck is 2007 Dodge Cummins 5.9. Somebody who has experienced such problems before, please help me with the solution to resolve it.

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jason920...I'll start this with assuming you have a 4x4?  2500 or 3500?  Some questions to separate brake issues from wheel alignment and suspension problems:

1) Is the steering "normal", or will it pull to the right on a flat surface without the brakes applied if the steering wheel is held loosely?  When testing this, make sure there is not camber to the road that causes a drift.  Use as flat a surface as possible, even a large deserted parking lot.

2) Is this a tug of the steering wheel to the right when the brakes are applied?  Even if you touch the brakes lightly?

3) Have you hit a solid object that would either bend a tie-rod or knock the front wheels out of alignment?

4) Does the front end shimmy when going over railroad tracks or rough surfaces?

5) Is the steering loose or does the truck "wander" when trying to go straight without the brakes applied?

This may be a brake caliper, pad or rotor problem at the front end, but before discussing brakes in detail, please clarify on the questions I've posed.


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