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After talking with my Transmission repair man, his opinion is that someone ran the 5 speed manual Transmission without oil and there is a very loud wine coming from the transmission in 1, 2, 3, and 5th gears.  Because of the number of hours spend flying prop aircraft over the years, the wine is a frequency I cannot hear.  To me it is just noise.  

Now all gears are working but in my opinion it is just a matter of time before things start going south.  Now for my questions:

1.  I have access to a spare 5 speed manual transmission from a 1.6L Geo Tracker that is a 2WD.  Is it possible to put both of them together to create one good 4WD 5 speed manual??

2.  I have found a 99 to 05 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.5L 4WD manual transmission at a reasonable price.  Of course this mated to the V6 Suzuki engine not the 2.0 L straight 4.  Would this transmission mate to my 2.0 L engine.

One last question:

What would be involved with swapping the 5 speed manual with an automatic?  I seem to be able to find lots of Automatics out there for 4WD.

I need to resolve what I want to do about the transmission before seriously tackle the 4WD & indicator lights not functioning.


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JJLike...Thanks for starting a new topic on the Suzuki Vitara transmission.  We try to keep troubleshooting and parts interchange issues separated, you were practical.  Too bad about the transmission having been run dry.

There are minor differences between the 1.6L and 2.0L four-cylinder transmissions, clutch linkage and small parts that can be swapped over if the donor parts are with the transmission.  Compare splines, too, before purchasing the replacement transmission.  I would have the 2.0L 5-speed out of the vehicle before hunting for a replacement transmission.  That way, you can match up the parts needed.

The V-6 transmission is different.  Avoid the 2.5L transmission for your 2.0L model.  If you're looking for a complete transmission unit and direct fit without parts swapping, I would try to find a 2.0L 1999-up transmission.  The earlier units were cable actuated clutches.  You have hydraulic.  Again, the 2.5L transmission will not fit your 2.0L engine and chassis.

As for the automatic swap, I would not do it.  There are too many donor components needed, including the automatic transmission, flex plate, torque converter, shifter mechanism and console changes, the control module, ECU and wiring harnesses.  Not worth the effort in my view.  I would sell the manual transmission vehicle and buy an automatic equipped Vitara before attempting the automatic transmission changeover.




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