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Hi Moses. I'm picking up a 72 1210 and I need to get tires and wheels for it. It's an 8 lug and the front and rear wheels do not match. Rear is a 16.5x12 and the fronts had 16 inch tires on them.  The rims were odd and had a slit in them. From what I understand wheels from a 70s ford or dodge might fit? Thanks in advance for the help seems like you are International guru




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Ento...This recent exchange with bjornebraten (Thomas) has some points I'd like to highlight.  I'll follow with a few additional comments on Ford and other rims:

On 12/26/2016 at 8:35 AM, Moses Ludel said:

Thomas...There are a number of sources for aftermarket wheels, and used wheels should also be available.  Wheel interchange should not be difficult for your I-H 1210.  The wheel bolt pattern and a full-floating rear axle (Spicer 60) is common to Ford F-truck and Dodge/Ram years ago.  Whether that pattern follows to the later Excursion era is not clear.  In the current era, Ford and others have gone to metric sizing.

What you want is a wheel that has a center hole of the correct size and the right 8-bolt circle/diameter.  This should not be an issue once you take these measurements for comparison.  The other concerns would be wheel width and offset plus the back spacing.  You'll want to measure the back spacing.  Make sure there is room to clear the big drum brakes and maintain a normal track width.

Your current wheels are 16.5" diameter, and these were popular in the 1970s for use with tubeless tires.  Cautions were always posted about not mounting 16.5" tires on 16" rims and vice versa. Some had trouble with the 16.5" rim size, claiming that the tires unseated from the rim bead seats if the tires were run under-inflated.  "Airing down" for sand or mud seemed to be the issue.  I ran 6-hole aftermarket 16.5" x 10" rims on a 1973 Chevy K10 4x4 SWB pickup with tubeless 33"x12.5"x16.5" tire size for many years without trouble.

Once you know the width, center hole diameter and back spacing of your I-H wheel rims, you can match up with Ford F-truck and other type wheels.  The correct diameter and width tire for the new or used rims should be the same as the current I-H tire diameters. This will keep gearing normal and prevent speedometer error.

One consideration is the wheel hubcaps.  If you want to maintain the original type I-H hubcaps, make sure the replacement wheels have a provision for mounting these caps.  Your stock hubcaps clear the full-floating rear axle hubs.


 Your front rims sound like traditional "split rim" in 16" diameter.  They use a lock ring and are actually two-piece wheels.  I broke down many of these in the '60s and later, they were dangerous to work with and required a safety cage or other means as a backup when inflating them.  (At service stations in the day, we placed the assembled tire/wheel beneath the lube room hoist's arms before inflating the tube.)  These two-piece rims with a lock ring were always tube type and had a rubber boot to protect the tube from the two-piece seam during assembly, inflation and in service.

Note: Many lost limbs and even lives if a split rim blew apart under pressure and the rim lock did not hold.  The archaic design, on a bright note, allowed for disassembly, tube patching and re-assembly in the field—if you could keep from "losing your head"!

So, the 16.5" one-piece option is at least better than the 16" split rims.  (Both types were still offered in the 1969-73 I-H era.)  Ford, Dodge and G.M. used the common 8-stud, 6.5" bolt circle wheels like your I-H.  The G.M. center hole is typically too small to fit a Ford, Dodge or I-H.  Ford and Dodge used Dana/Spicer rear axles like the I-H, and their wheel center hole should be the same.  Here's a link with some leads on wheels that you can measure to be sure they will fit.  Avoid the motorhome or "dually" rims and also the G.M. applications with smaller center holes:  http://www.roadkillcustoms.com/hot-rods-rat-rods/Wheel-Bolt-Pattern-Cross-Reference-Database.asp?LugCount=8&StudSpreadInch=6.5&StudSpreadMM=#axzz4V01N4ElV.  

As I highlighted in red quotes above, you are concerned about the rim width (match the tire size accordingly), the rim and tire diameter, and the rim's backspacing.  Backspacing and width determine the track width of the vehicle and also whether the rims will clear the brake drums on your 1210 model.  If you want sizing as far back as your 1972 I-H 1210, you have the choice between 16" and 16.5" diameter.  16.5" is for tubeless tires that are still available but getting less popular.

If you're combing recycling yards for rims, they will have loose rims to measure and also a high likelihood of Mitchell or Hollander interchange books to determine which Ford and Dodge truck applications are a direct fit.  The aftermarket wheel manufacturers are another source for wheels and sizing, though contemporary tech support is often naive about I-H applications.  The key here is the commonality of Spicer/Dana axles and Bendix brakes that determine which wheel rim sizes will fit.

If you use the roadkillcustoms.com chart as a quick reference and are considering any of these later wheels for your 1210, avoid rims from "dually" vehicles and G.M. or other wheels with smaller center holes.  Make sure you check the width and backspacing to be sure your vehicle's track width is normal and that brake drum clearance is sufficient. Take measurements.  

Thomas' factory Line Set Ticket for his 1973 I-H 1210 2WD with Camper Special equipment should be similar to your truck and shows 9.50" x 16.5" 8-PR tubeless tires mounted on 16.5" x 6.75" rims.  (According to the LST, the truck's four mounted wheels/tires and the spare were all tubeless tires on 16.5" x 6.75" one-piece wheel rims.) That's a strong lead...


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Wow! That's a lot of helpful info.  Thank you so much.  I found a set of 8 lug 6.5 bolt circle.  I will see if they fit.  I do not want those split rims. I'm sure there aren't many shops that can handle them. I'll keep you updated and pics of the truck. I'm sure I'll have more questions. Thanks again

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