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I have a 1994 Tracker that i put a TCC solenoid in. The torque converter still doesn't lock up.I have read that there is a 15 amp fuse that will cause it not to work properly. can anyone tell me where that fuse would be located? I checked the relay by swapping the ac relay with it. Any info would be appreciated.

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Hi, David...I surfed around and found a generous owner contribution here:


It's about the Suzuki Sidekick and describes the relay function and location.  Referring to the relay as "time delay" type, try testing the voltage supply to this relay's terminal sockets (item #2 in the relay diagram, go down the page).  

Make sure there is current, and if not test upstream by color code on the wire that should be hot.

Let us know what you find, if there is current at the relay, test at the TCC plug for that same voltage.


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