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1992 ford f150 4x4 losing high gear pull with E4OD

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Ive got a 92 Ford f150 4x4 that pulls fine until  it reaches normal operating temp then it quits pulling in od or high gear. Trans is an e40d over drive button on shifter. All other gears pull normally,(1st, /sec and reverse) . Fluids are fine and no leaks that I have found. Four wheel drive shift motor is defective and has been for some time ,and four wheel drive worked before it went bad. Any ideas?  

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Hi, wayme...I moved your topic to the Ford F-pickup forum for a better following...Since your issue only happens when the transmission reaches full temp, and only in 3rd and O.D., consider doing a diagnostic scan of the PCM to get a trouble code.  Watch for a 221, 222, 321 or 322 code, or a combination of these codes.  Once you have a specific code, share it.  There are specific mechanical or electrical issues related to each of these codes, we can discuss possibilities around any code that might be stored.

I would not rule out the four-wheel drive shifting issue, either.  The highest torque load is 3rd and 4th gears.  There could be a relationship here.


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