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I have attached a few pictures of this transmission I have but I don't know where its from I need help identifying this transmission the only thing I can identify here is the transfer case because it has the sticker in the back its an NP "new process" 249 J

This is a manual 4wd transmission I believe its an ax15 transmission but please give me your input as i'm not sure any help is appreciated one more thing from the shape of the bell housing I don't think this came of a Jeep possibly AMC or other but thanks again






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Glenoaks Wrecking...The NP249J was used quite a bit in the Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee (1993-98), most often with the V-8 (pushrod LA 5.2L and 5.9L).  The transfer case has a viscous coupler for full-time 4x4.  The problematic viscous coupler fails on these units with a high price tag for a new one.  Many ZJ owners swap the 249 for a 242 full-time/part-time type transfer case, which was available in the ZJ Grand Cherokee and the XJ Cherokee—most XJ Cherokees have the NP231 part-time transfer case unit.

The kicker here is the AX15 manual transmission.  You can confirm the bellhousing pattern, it looks like a 1993/94-up Jeep 4.0L and not a Chrysler 5.2L/5.9L (318 or 360 pushrod 'LA' small-block).  Your Jeep 4.0L housing has the external slave cylinder, typical of 1994-up YJ and TJ Wranglers or the XJ Cherokee 1994-2001 models.  The Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee with the AX15 manual transmission is rare but real, always listed with the 4.0L Jeep engine and an NP231 transfer case.  

Your package looks like it's original and together, at first glance like a ZJ Grand Cherokee with the 4.0L and AX15 package.  According to Mopar parts listings between 1992-98, however, the AX15 ZJ Grand Cherokee 4.0L models all use the NP231 transfer case like the XJ Cherokee and Wranglers with the AX15.

So, this is either 1) a very rare special order outside the norm for listed equipment and never made the OE catalog, or 2) somewhere along the way, the NP249J transfer case was installed to replace the original NP231 transfer case in a 4.0L Jeep 4x4:  candidates would include the 1994-up XJ Cherokee or YJ/TJ Wrangler and the 1992-98 ZJ Grand Cherokee.

I would narrow this down to a 4.0L/AX15 equipped XJ Cherokee or ZJ Grand Cherokee that had its NP231 unit replaced with this NP249J, though it's hard to imagine why.  The only rationale would be the desire for a true full-time 4x4 system.  That would suggest a ZJ Grand Cherokee, certainly not a YJ or TJ Jeep Wrangler.  The only other prospect is a factory special order or need to move some extra transfer cases.

The 249J I.D. tag suggests a build date of late 1993, so the model year ZJ Grand Cherokee would likely be 1994-95 range.  1994 was the first YJ Wrangler or XJ Cherokee AX15 applications with the external slave cylinder bellhousing.  (1992-98 ZJ Grand Cherokee 4.0L models with the AX15 manual transmission had the external slave bellhousing like yours as well.)  I looked closely at these model years, including European models, and all ZJs or XJs with a manual transmission list the NP231 transfer case with no listing for an AX15 with the NP249J.  The YJ/TJ Wrangler always uses an NP/NV231 until the era of the optional Rubicon Edition package with the NP/NVG241 Rock-Trac.

So, the engine and transmission could be direct replacement for a 1994-1999 XJ Cherokee or YJ/TJ Wrangler and also the 1992-98 ZJ Grand Cherokee.  The transfer case stamping number points to an original engine/transmission application for your NPG249 as the 5.2L V-8 with an A518 (1993) or 46RH (1994) Automatic Transmission:

5.2L Eight Cylinder Eng., With 46RH Automatic Transmission
Stamped w/52097529

52097529 1 ZJ 5.2L Eight Cylinder Eng., With Four Speed Automatic Transmission, A518,

Your transfer case application is definitely a 1993-1994 model year ZJ Grand Cherokee.

Trust this helps...


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