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89 xj crawler...You'll be looking for a donor XJ Cherokee as a prototype.  You've not mentioned whether this is a 2.5L four or 4.0L six.  The automatic common to the 4.0L is the Aisin AW4, and this is the most practical choice for parts availability and fit.

The XJ donor vehicle will illustrate the parts involved, but to be general, you'll need the transmission, flexplate and torque converter, the TCM (transmission control module), wiring for the transmission control module, the throttle linkage and cable to the throttle valve on the transmission, the shifter and console for the automatic transmission (if different than your stick console) plus safe removal of the clutch pedal without losing the brake pedal's function;  make sure the brake pedal remains properly secured, compare the parts with the automatic transmission donor model.  

You'll need the A/T transmission mount.  You remove the M/T crankshaft pilot bearing (sleeve, too, if present and in the way of the converter hub) to install an A/T converter...The PCM part numbers are different for A/T versus M/T transmissions, so that's another concern along with PCM/TCM related wiring and harnesses, something to compare with the A/T donor vehicle.  Also, 1996 is a strange model year for XJ wiring and the PCM, this is the first year of OBD-II for Jeep and a hybrid year for XJ wiring.

There are many individual parts involved, but this is the basic path.  You'll also need the transmission cooler lines and a radiator that has fittings and a transmission cooler built into the left side tank.  This is a lot of work and, frankly, it might be easier to sell the stick model and buy an XJ with the popular AW4 automatic and 4.0L engine.  They're all over the place.  I have a '99 that's a keeper and am partial to 1997-99 model years with the single rail MPI...Mine is destined for a Cummins R2.8L diesel engine swap.

You could probably fetch a good price for a stick shift XJ.  They're rare and many seek them.  Is this a 4WD 4.0L with the AX15?  Or a 2.5L four with AX5?  2WD?  4WD?  If you want to put out feelers, consider a free sales ad at these forums, we have an ad section for Jeep XJs. 


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