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Matching Tire Diameter and Gearing for a Cummins Ram 3500

Moses Ludel

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Dodge Ram/Cummins diesel owners continually strive for fuel economy and towing power.  We've had an extensive discussion on these subjects and continue to seek best ways to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

Our 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 with 5.9L turbo-diesel has been an ongoing test bed for fuel efficiency, performance and towing ability...We have maximized torque and performance through software tuning, improvements in towing ability, altered axle gearing and fine tuning tire diameter to match gearing.  Use of oversized tires has driven many of these choices.  

As a practical consideration, all changes and modifications to the truck have respected OEM design and engineering.  The baseline has been factory Mopar/Cummins diesel tune and factory equivalent gearing.

In the interest of Cummins Ram truck owners who use oversized tires and a chassis lift, I have put together tuning tips, axle gearing comparisons and carefully picked wheels and tires that provide a framework for matching tires and gearing for fuel efficiency.  The how-to HD video illustrates additional pointers on proper tire mounting and balancing for large, heavyweight or oversized tires.  Here is the entire article and permanent URL page at the magazIne.  PDF charts are available at the article:


Pleased to continue the discussion here!



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