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Driving along our local Main Street, I came upon this 1979 AMC era Jeep CJ-5 for sale.  As advertised by the seller, this vehicle has undergone extensive work and restorative effort...Price wise, it's evident that the market for vintage Jeep iron has heated up!

Before considering the sticker shock price, note that this Jeep has a new steel tub and a variety of restorative parts.  Worth commenting, it still needs work, and a 1979 model has its pros and cons.

First off, this is near the end of the somewhat brief (1972-80, 1980 V-8 applications seem rare) 304 V-8 option era.  By 1981, CJs were either 4-banger or inline six equipped.  The 1979 CJ has a rugged Spicer 20 transfer case; this is through-drive but lacks the better helically cut gears found in 1980-up CJs.  The Spicer 20 also has a less desirable and taller low range ratio.

Despite any fretting over details, this vehicle sends a joyful message to CJ owners:  The market is alive and well, along with price hikes!

Note:  I did not go over this vehicle with a fine-toothed comb nor did I locate the owner and have him run it.  It's unclear what condition the vehicle is, and we can only go by the advertised for sale signs on the windshield.  Did not confirm whether the vehicle sold and if so, can't say what this Jeep actually sold for.  

2016-07-27 8-26-16 Galaxy Photo Import 004 (400x300).jpg2016-07-27 8-26-16 Galaxy Photo Import 006 (400x300).jpg2016-07-27 8-26-16 Galaxy Photo Import 007 (400x300).jpg2016-07-27 8-26-16 Galaxy Photo Import 003 (400x300).jpg2016-07-27 8-26-16 Galaxy Photo Import 002 (400x300).jpg

2016-07-27 8-26-16 Galaxy Photo Import 001 (400x300).jpg

2016-07-27 8-26-16 Galaxy Photo Import 005 (400x300).jpg

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