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The magazine's Dodge Ram 3500 needed rear driveshaft work.  Megatron had tremendous praise for Driveshaft Specialist, Inc. at San Antonio, Texas, for the build they did on his '06 Ram Mega-Cab pickup...I contacted Brent Crownover at DSI, and we discussed driveshaft upgrades at length, deciding that the best solution for our Gen 3 Ram 4x4 was the 'Big 5.0' product, a high end build.

View this HD 1080P how-to video and see why, how and when you need to upgrade your 4×4’s driveshafts! Whether your 4×4 truck is a late-model Ford F-series or a Dodge Ram with a non-rebuildable driveshaft system, or you have a lifted hybrid Jeep 4×4, or you’ve built a highly modified Ram Cummins, Ford Powerstroke or G.M. Duramax diesel powered 4×4 truck with single or dual rear wheels, Driveshaft Specialist, Inc. has the ultimate driveshaft upgrade solutions.

In the video, learn more about driveshaft service and upgrades like the ‘Big 5.0’ one-piece replacement driveshaft for trucks with a two-piece OE driveshaft. See how we solved the one-piece driveshaft needs on our 140.5″ wheelbase Gen 3 Dodge Ram 3500 4×4 Quad-Cab Cummins powered hauler!

To see the full article, visit the designated page at the magazine:  http://www.4wdmechanix.com/dodge-ram-how-to-dsi-big-5-0-aluminum-driveshaft-upgrade/



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