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Moses, i know we covered this in the other post, at least a little bit, but i figured it might be better to start a whole new post about it. We have finally got around to messing with the nightmare (AKA my step-dads F-150). Because it has sat for 3 years, we changed all the fuel and brake lines, finally changed the transmission and flexplate, as well as fixed some other minor issues with it. Today, in trying to start it, i noticed that it will only start in neutral, but the indicator actually points to drive, and wont start in park. I unhooked the shift cable from the transmission, and then made sure it was in park, by moving the shift lever on the transmission manually, and it started without an issue, so, my question is, how do you adjust the shift linkage. I found the steps online, but, i dont seem to see any kind of clip in the cable at the transmission end, although i do see what appear to be teeth on the plastic part of the cable, so, what am i missing? The pics i found didnt seem to help much either, but, i cant really tell because the pics i did find arent of the best quality. Last question, how important is the whole, having a 3 pound weight hanging from the shifter? As always, thank you for your advice and help.

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Hi, biggman100...Ford is vague on how to release the cable lock where you see the teeth.  At the cable support bracket near the transmission's shift lever (at the transmission end), there should be a release catch on the locking disc that surrounds the teeth you see.  When you loosen the release catch, this should free the teeth for adjustment.  Once the cable is adjusted to the right length, the catch is then snapped back into position.  Once the catch is secure and teeth cinched, the cable length is adjusted.

There are two concerns.  First, the transmission lever at the transmission must be in Park position when the shifter at the column points to the Park position.  You should also feel a distinct "detent" at each of the shift positions (Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive positions, etc.).  Each shift position at the lever should align with the pointer position.  Once the shift linkage is correctly adjusted, you can adjust the Neutral/Park safety start switch if necessary.

I have attached the two pages of info from the '93 Ford F-truck FSM.  They cover cable adjustment and N/P switch adjustment.  This may be the same info you found online, however, as a PDF, you can zoom into the images for better detail.  What you describe is "View X" on the first page.  This should be helpful:

Ford E4OD Shift Linkage and Neutral Switch Adjustment.pdf

As for the 3-pound weight, this removes the cable and shifter slack as you adjust for a true Park position.  This is to make sure the adjustment has the shifter moving into a true Park position and not halfway into Park or able to jump out.  It's very important that Park is accurate at the column shifter and the transmission lever.  Accidents occur when Park is not engaged fully at the transmission.  You can simulate this weight as you move the shifter.  Ford apparently finds 3 pounds appropriate.


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