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93 wrangler advice for transfer case tailshaft driveshaft upgrade

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It's been 22 years since I upgraded my long gone 87 Wrangler 231 transfer case tail shaft conversion and driveshaft are there any newer better kits out there thinking about upgrading the 93 4 liter 5 speed Wrangler tail-shaft area

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Pete...The Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit from Advance Adapters is very popular, though you do need to disassemble the transfer case to install an SYE.  This setup typically complements a CV-driveshaft, with a double-Cardan joint at the front of the driveline and the single Cardan at the rear axle pinion flange.

A rear CV-driveline conversion is usually part of a chassis lift to reduce the radical driveshaft joint angles created.  When using a CV-driveshaft, the double Cardan's angle is self-cancelling while the rear/pinion shaft angle requires rotating the axle housing to get the pinion/shaft angle to 1.5 to 2 degrees for proper bearing movement in the U-joint caps.


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