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Long-time NY Jeep mechanic looking for a talented Jeep mechanic - it ain't easy

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Hi folks, thanks for having me.  I've owned my '95 YJ since 2002, in that time I've totally rebuilt the Jeep (meticulously swapped out the I4 for the I6), put 230k miles on her, and acquired another Jeep ('01 XJ).  Been a member of JeepForum.com and several other boards since then.

Anyway, I'm the type of mechanic who uses a torque wrench on his oil pan drain bolt.  A couple of years ago I permanently injured my arm, and I still work on the Jeep but not as easily as I once could.

Here in NYC / Long Island, there is a lot of talent, but I have some serious difficultly meeting the type of detail-oriented quality mechanic that I want.  I've met lots of good guys at decent shops, but most of them are sloppy, never read a shop manual, rarely pick up a torque wrench.  Quick to use the wrong fluids, substitute an improper bolt.  A lot of times that is OK on a Jeep, but I want better.

Does anybody a) know any great mechanics in NY, or b) have any tips on how to find a great mechanic myself?

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alheim...Welcome to the forums!  It's always a pleasure to have new members with your background...Looking forward to your participation.

There are a number of members from New York State, Biggman100 is Upstate but may have some ideas.  Closer into NYC, friend/member "joemac51" knows your area.  He has relocated to N.C.; however, joemac51 is very familiar with Jeep shops in the greater NYC Area.  He lived at Sommers near White Plains.  

You can contact joemac51 by simply clicking on "Activity" at the top toolbar.  Then click on "Search".  Under Search, you can do a "Member Search" for joemac51.  Click on his highlighted username, and you can contact joemac51 directly through these forums.  Share your desire to find a good Jeep 4x4 mechanic in the NYC Area.  

As for becoming a better or "great" mechanic yourself, you've come to the right place.  These forums provide thorough and enthusiastic answers to members' questions and concerns.  Ask and you'll get the answer.  Review the material already here at the Jeep YJ/TJ Wrangler forum.  When you have additional questions, start a fresh topic!


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I think you may be a little more concerned with the intimacy of who works on your Jeep. We can all relate, especially those who have worked so hard for our dreams to come true and those still hoping for their dreams to come true. If you want to learn how to pick the right mechanics I suggest you stick to certified shops with certified mechanics and then talk to some of the mechanics to see how much they understand and if they do their own project cars. For some mechanics it's a job and for others it's an extension of who they are. Look for the ones who are proud to show off their rides and insist that they work on your car.

Did you hurt your arm so badly that you can't work through the pain? Have you considered making friends in a Jeep Club and having them help you in your garage or theirs? A few beers may get you into the right doors. :) Don't make it such a chore, and at some point you have to see your Jeep as just another thing. It's not your wife, or your Mother or Father, so find a good mechanic or continue at a slower pace, It's up to you.


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alheim, welcome to the forms. Are you a member of NYC jeep club? I myself am more of a fan of Dodge trucks, but i have several friends who are big into jeeps, one of whom told me that NYC jeep club members are very much into the jeep "scene", i guess you could call it. I am a few hours from NYC, but have friends who travel to offroad events in that area, and they use the club to keep them informed of local events, as well as offer advice, so you may be able to find the right mechanic with their help. 

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