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Steering Bellcrank Mod with Paired Tapered Roller Bearings

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If you have a problem with your jeep's bellcrank bearings wearing and affecting the steering, this may be a modification worth considering. 

Lawrence Elliott has developed a great solution to this problem.  Lawrence figured out that that certain stock bellcranks could be machined to accept a particular set of paired tapered roller bearings (automotive wheel bearings), complete with hardened outer races / cups and teflon seals.  This assembly replaces the original bellcrank bearing setup, and a new bearing shaft sized for the tapered roller bearings and fitted with a pin style adjustment replaces the stock shaft.  As you can see in the pics below, the final product looks simple and slick.   I understand that he can make this modification to bellcranks for the CJ3B up through the early CJ5 / 6, and possibly some other jeep models as well, 

I gather from talking with Lawrence that the cost of the labor and new parts (not including the bellcrank, which needs to be new or NOS, and furnished by the owner) is around $250.   If you're interested in possibly having him build one for your jeep, give him a call at 828-287-5275.  

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