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Selling My 2006 LJ

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I have decided to sell my 2006 LJ, 48,000 original miles, and go back to an IH Scout.

Is there any way to post the info on the LJ for sale on your forums?

I really would like it to go to someone who would appreciate how nice it is and all the work done and add-on's I have purchased for it.

I have already sold my 78 CJ7 & 1967 Chevy C10 (today) so I only need to sell the Jeep and then do ONE MORE DANG SCOUT!! This one will be the last since at my age that is all I have left :) but it will be a good one...  I have located the potential vehicle, just have to finish the horse trading and then bring it home..  76 SII, 345, TF and in pretty good condition.. As of now I plan on keeping it all IH with everything redone like I did on the Elk Tan one..full off frame rebuild but more performance and AC.. Kinda a cross-breeding of the Black 75 & the Tan 76.  Not as fancy as the Tan Scout but Uber Functional :D

I have not seen any classified section so just wanted to ask.  I do not want to violate any of your guidelines or standards as your sites are the premier publications on the web and in print.



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Actually, baddriver I have several I am looking at.

Plus in Texas if a person tries to interfere in in a horse/cattle/vehicle trade, we can legally shoot them...If you want to buy a Scout, I will find one and sell it to you.  I have owned several and know where several more are.

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I wish there was a good Scout up here. Unfortunately, they have all fallen prey to rust or people with no imagination. I think you have already posted your vehicles for sale in your original post, but if you'd like to give more information I don't think Moses would mind too much. I'll let him answer for himself though. I am looking for a nice Willys pickup. Probably late 50s vintage for a restoration project. Have you seen many of those in your area? All you need to do is give me the contact info. that way I can figure out how much it would cost me to get the car to my home in Vermont. Thanks for the offer on the Scouts though, I wish you luck in getting the one you want.

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As long as members represent vehicles accurately and fairly, I'm fine with your advertising items for sale, swap or of interest.  Go for it!  

This is a community of like-minded folks, share your stuff...If there's an issue, we'll deal with it collectively...


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