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OK, so what have you been doing this winter that wasn't related to vehicles? I am a recycler of the old kind. I find things that I can use in other ways and I make what I can with them. This winter I have been collecting wooden pallets from a local manufacturer. I got permission and they explained what I could and couldn't take and I leave what I can't use for others to burn or turn into kindling to sell.

You might be asking, what can you do with pallets except make pallets? Well, have you ever seen a chicken coop, or a bee hive? Maybe a play house? Yes, some people even use them as they are just to make fences for goats, sheep, and other small animals.

Well this is what they look like when you take them apart.

WinterProject_001-800.thumb.jpg.f78b9dbb  WinterProject_002-800.thumb.jpg.67c261f1


I'm not sure how many linear feet of 2 x 4 I have saved from the dump. I'm not even sure what they do with these pallets, but one of the places I get them from used to just burn them in their yard. I have turned some pallets into chicken coops and sold them. They are pretty easy to sell for $20.00 and up when some of the "Pros" are selling them for $500.00 plus and they are doing the same thing I am. The only expense is in any new parts you need. mostly screws or nails and hinges. I also save as much plywood as I can from the dumpsters and that helps with walls when the pallets don't come with sides. This winter I have been concentrating on 2 x 4s exclusively. But as you can see there is a little plywood that can be salvaged as well.

This wood is pretty much all new, so why leave it to chippers, or burn pile? Yeah I went Off Topic. I thought that's what this area was for. What's your non-4x4 winter hobby or pastime?

Does anyone here fish? Getting ready for Spring yet? Anyone work on your own guns? One of my projects for this wood is to make a heat box to get oils and crud out of stocks. Can you think of a better way to save money on a bench or a small make do shed for your lawn mower?

Sound off! what do you do when you're not working on your vehicle(s)?


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I know this is an older post, but i just came across it. My neighbor does something along these lines, only he recycles the pallets into large playhouses that he then sells, or donates, depending on who it is going to, to people in this area. He has also built "luxury" pet houses, and even an oversized water fountain, just using pallets and scrap materials he picks up from places. Since we live in an area known for major cold and snowfall, he even used recycled materials to make an outdoor shelter for the kids in our neighborhood to wait in until the bus comes. He tells me all the time, what you do is only limited by skills, which can be learned, and your imagination.

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Almost a year later.....

It's interesting to see old posts and think about all the time that got wasted by people trying to mass with your life for no other reason than they are petty little people with delusions of grandeur. I've been so busy I haven't even been able to make use of this wood, but there is always this year. Fishing, and work? Can they coincide?

Don't ever let them get you down.

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I'm on board with the fishing, BadDriver4x4!  Haven't fly fished for years, it was a favorite past time when we lived at Oregon.  A local fly rod maker at Oakridge (Middle Fork of the Willamette River) made me a fine rod that I have to this day.  The backer, line and leader went south a long time ago, and I refurbished them last year after buying my fishing license.  I fished for one day and spent the rest of the year working...Oh, well, you better really like your work, right?

Thanks for becoming a Subscriber Member, we all appreciate having you on board...Let's convince each other to get more fishing under our belts this year!


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