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Mopar 94 FI conversion kit documentation

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I recently got a 1989 Jeep YJ that sometime in the past, had the Mopar 1994 FI conversion installed on the engine.  While the Jeep came with a lot of documentation about the other work done on it, there was only one page concerning the FI conversion.  The problem that I am running into is this:  If the alternator is hooked up correctly, the engine won't turn off by using the key.  If the alternator is not hooked up correctly (meaning that it's not charging) the key shuts off the engine.  I thought that it might of been a bad ignition switch, but after changing out the ignition switch, the problem is still there.  I have gone through the wiring, removing the old and abandoned wiring, also with no luck.  I am wondering if someone knows where I can get the installation instructions and the wiring diagram for the 1994 FI conversion?  I'd like more information on the FI conversion and also follow out some wiring to make sure someone didn't install a wire in the wrong place.



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