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1994 Dakota ECU interchange

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Moses, i am looking for ECU part numbers to swap a 5.2 into my 1994 Dakota with the AX15 manual trans. One thing i did learn, that i dont know if it will make a difference or not, the 95 had a clutch interlock, but, the 94 didnt. What im trying to figure out is, which ECU's i can use, whether from a Dakota, Ram, or fullsize van, with a v-8 and manual trans. As always, your help is greatly appreciated.

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biggman100...There are two ECUs involved, both assigned to 1994-95 vehicles, so the clutch interlock must have been either considered or it is not a part of the ECU programming and likely just a conventional clutch interrupter switch.  

For the AN Dakota 4WD model like yours with the 5.2L V-8, it breaks out to A/T or M/T (transmission type) as follows:

Automatic transmission:  04886667  (R4886667 in Mopar Reman)

Manual transmission:  56028342  (R6028342 in Mopar Reman)

These part numbers were still good with Mopar through 2010-11 and fit the following:  MPI, FED, CAL and RFI applications.  They are in the SBEC family of engine controllers.  If you want to know interchange with other Mopar applications, simply run the Mopar part numbers in a Google search (enter "Mopar + [part number]").  You'll find that these SBECs fit a variety of applications. Some OE part numbers have been discontinued, superseded to a more common unit.  (At quick glance, the 04886667 seems to survive.)  

See whether your on-hand SBECs will interchange and work with the proposed 5.2L Magnum V-8 engine swap.  If so, a 3.9L V-6 controller will require a re-flash for the specific 5.2L V-8 engine application.

For additional insight, refer to our exchange back in May 2014:  http://forums.4wdmechanix.com/topic/318-1995-dakota-engine-and-transmission-swap/



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