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Four-Month Search Lands the Right Holiday Rambler Alumascape Trailer!

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Some things are worth waiting for...We began a search for the right travel trailer five months ago with sights set on trailering to the Moab Jeep Safari next Spring.  Our minds were set on the "right" trailer, and for us, that came down to a floor plan and quality trailer design that we had considered in 1999-2000 when our youngest son went off college.  That far back, Donna and I thought a well-appointed and constructed Holiday Rambler Alumascape would be the very best way to go.  Fast forward fifteen years...


A travel trailer can serve a variety of roles.  If I were looking for an OHV or dirt bike-carrier to cover events like the King of the Hammers, a toy hauler would be perfect.  (Neighbor/friends lent me their 27' Vortex for just that purpose in 2012.)  Were I looking for a trailer to use as a hunting camp, I'd seek an older Kenskill or Layton from the day, toughly built yet not a huge investment when the toll of dirt washboard roads applies.  In this case, the trailer aim is primarily event lodging, something akin to a quality "tiny home" domicile in the contemporary sense.  For ruggedness and appointments, the Holiday Rambler's aluminum wall structure and "overbuilt" quality reigns.  Short of a high end Avion or Airstream, this is as good as it gets, including an underbelly cover and four-season type insulation, oak cabinetry and a thoughtful layout.


The search began at the same time I made a reservation for RV space at Moab.  (Don't bother trying for reservations any less than a half-year in advance of the event, for RV space, a year ahead is sensible.)  I know my filming chores will put me in the passenger seat at the EJS off-road events, so toting the XJ Cherokee 4x4 behind the Ram 3500 was not a consideration.  For my purposes, basically getting a night's sleep, a travel trailer would eliminate the loss of sleep you can expect from a motel stay during EJS bacchanalia.  Despite the hiked up rates that Moab motels demand during the Easter Jeep Safari, a night's sleep is not in the package...I had my reservation for a 30' trailer, we just needed the trailer!


When looking for a pre-owned trailer in the current market, prepare for a wait.  Prices are all over the board, there are markets where NADA retail price is wholesale and Craigslist prices are through the roof.  We were looking during summer months, not a bright idea, as the sizzling market does simmer down in the late fall and winter...Nevertheless, we were on a mission to find the right 2000 to 2005 Holiday Rambler Alumascape bumper-pull trailer.  We found many, often misrepresented for condition or grossly overpriced.


Four dealerships had our phone number.  Five states were within our sights, and on a quiet Sunday morning in early September, a Craigslist offering at Oregon caught our attention.  A phone call found the owners/couple elk hunting with bows in a primitive range, and by the time the conversation ended, the purchase was cinched.  The 2000 Holiday Rambler Alumascape 29FKS had two owners (close friends), and its history and documentation went back to the initial order and MSRP factory sticker.   Original, never "lived in", garaged when not in use and inhabited by non-smokers, this time capsule held the promise.  I am a restorer, and any minute wear would ultimately be addressed.  Structurally, frame, body and interior wise, this trailer was in excellent condition.


Here's a 2001 factory brochure, see the 29FKS floor plan:  2001 Holiday Rambler Alumascape Trailers.pdf.


We waited somewhat patiently for the two week elk hunting trip to end then immediately raced up to the Oregon Coast with a Cashier's Check in hand.  The trailer, described as "immaculate" was, well, as close to that state as one could expect for a 15-year-old trailer.  Not a dent or damage top or bottom, very "clean" and original in every respect, this was one of the mildest use trailers we had encountered—and the price was right, slightly over NADA book retail with plenty of room left for the anticipated new tires and other maintenance chores.  (Existing tires were aged, not worn, they needed replacing.)  A new mattress, a stove upgrade to suit our standards and tastes, some routine service, and we would be set.  As is at point of purchase, the trailer was totally roadworthy for the trip home.  Paperwork and the check passed hands.  Wife Donna and I had a pleasant return trip home with our new trailer!


Here's a glimpse of our find, the trip home, and why we're very excited about our new second "home" and lodging on wheels.  More details and travel stories to follow, this is our place to start:


post-1-0-83932800-1444408603_thumb.jpg post-1-0-75168000-1444408622_thumb.jpg

post-1-0-76588600-1444408633_thumb.jpg post-1-0-00727200-1444408647_thumb.jpg






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