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Hi, WrangleDangle...Problems like this can sometimes be vacuum related, or the idle air control (IAC), or even a worn throttle position sensor (TPS).  The IAC and TPS should throw an engine code that the shop would read on the "computer" (scan tool), but not always.  The TPS does wear out at higher mileage on these engines, and this switch can be tested for voltage output or simply replaced.


When you have an actual engine code or "MIL" check light, you can read the code with a simple code reader like the inexpensive Harbor Freight variety or a better quality/more functions scanner if you like, your wallet depending.


Without a code, I would check simpler things like the gas cap seal for the EVAP system.  Try pressing the cap inward as you tighten it.  Also, if you're experiencing issues with the cruise control or A/C switching functions, look for a vacuum reservoir, vacuum hose or vacuum check valve defect in the vacuum circuit.  Check your engine vacuum hose connections, they sometimes get loose over time or split/crack and leak down.


Let us know if this helps and what you find.  Glad to continue the troubleshooting!



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