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If you need an overview of welding processes and tips on how to weld, there is already a good block of welding information and instructional material at the magazine website (www.4WDmechanix.com).  I just dropped the word "welding" into the magazine's search box and the URLs below came up. 


Many weldors like the gas welding insights, gas welding is a great foundation for TIG and very useful for light gauge and smaller metal parts where a diffuse heat is advantageous.  When time permits, I'd like to do an instructional/tutorial on each type of welding, and make the series available for Vimeo On Demand streaming library rentals.  These links below are all free:


In this segment, 4WD volunteer John Cox assists a fellow four-wheeler while on the 2011 WFTW Rubicon Super Event. Equipped with a Ready Welder, auto battery operated flux-core spool welder, John quickly performs a repair that will help the CJ Jeep get back to camp.
These charts cover the gas settings and tip sizes for oxygen-acetylene welding, brazing, cutting and heating processes. Review these data recommendations before performing oxy-acetylene welding, cutting, brazing and heating chores.
Session Two of the gas welding series covers gas welding equipment set up and safety. Setting up the cylinders, regulators, hoses and gas welding torch gets the process started.
'How-to: Gas Welding Session Four' discusses turning on gas safely and setting pressures for gas welding. Learn to safely open the cylinder valves, set correct pressures and turn the system off.
Moses Ludel shares oxygen-acetylene gas welding techniques used in Jeep restoration work. See this slideshow presentation from the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion.
For each welding process, there are practice exercises that help improve your skills. In this section of the 'How-to: Welding Class', you will find practice steps for the gas welding material covered.
'How-to: Gas Welding Session Five' discusses setting pressures, lighting the torch safely and beginning to gas welding. See how-to tack weld with oxygen-acetylene process.
'How-to: Gas Welding Session Six' discusses welding beads and filling metal with the gas welding process. In these two HD videos, see the how-to methods for controlling a liquid puddle and using the right filler metal material to run a bead.
At the 2011 Midwest Willys Reunion, Moses Ludel presented details on TIG welding iron castings. In this video you will discover how GTAW-TIG process restored a large iron axle casting.
Gas welding is the foundation for all other welding methods. In this opening session, Moses Ludel discusses the equipment needs for oxygen-acetylene welding, brazing and cutting.
'How-to: Gas Welding Session Three' discusses the choice of gas welding tips, gas pressures and gauge metal thickness. Learn to save gas and select the right gas pressure and tip size for specific mild steel plate thicknesses.
This HD video session completes the gas welded cube project. The demonstration shows the versatility of oxy-acetylene gas welding and its similarity to other welding processes.
This session includes HD video examples of running a gas welding bead. The demonstration of oxy-acetylene welding processes includes beads formed with and without filler material.
Sometimes a gear or transmission case is damaged and obsolete. In this slideshow, Moses Ludel demonstrates how to TIG repair a gear and broken transmission case.
This session includes HD video examples of running a gas welding bead. The demonstration of oxy-acetylene welding processes includes beads formed with and without filler material.
Gas cutting is a traditional process for cutting carbon metals. Today, oxygen-acetylene cutting and plasma cutting are both popular. In this HD video segment, see how a gas cutting torch can quickly cut metal in a real world project.
This HD video session demonstrates the strength and integrity of the final welding project. The coupon cube gets tested on a 20-ton press to see how the welds react.
HTP America offers affordable solutions for welding and plasma cutting. Cutting circles is always a challenge, and HTP America has simplified the process with a new, affordable accessory!
When our rugged, six-year-old tire carrier sagged, the Pivot King square tube pivot axle became the solution. Pivot King provides the optimal foundation for building a carrier from scratch, restoring an older carrier or upgrading your rectangular tubing spare carrier. This makes a practical MIG welding project, too!
Four-wheeling, welding and shop environments require safety tools. High on the list is fire suppression equipment. Cold Fire is a new method of fire suppression. 4WD Mechanix Magazine reviews the new products and technology from Cold Fire.
The 2011 Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Event was an exceptional outing. Three years into the program, the volunteers and vets had a great time on the trail and at camp. In this HD video series, Moses Ludel covers the event weekend.
HTP America's MicroCut 600 plasma cutter is a workhorse. At 40 amps of power, you can cut up to ½” steel. Small size and just 22 pounds means you can take this powerhouse anywhere. With inverter technology, the MicroCut 600 only needs 30 amps of 220 volt power!
Welding is a vital part of 4WD and light truck repairs, upgrades and how-to projects. This HD video session discusses welding safety and protective gear. Make your welding a safe shop practice. Use the right protective gear to prevent burns, cuts and eye injuries.
If you put "HTP" into the search box at www.4WDmechanix.com, you'll discover some quality combination TIG/Stick welders and how they set up.  They do make good machines...
Let me know your interest level and thoughts around learning to weld by way of an HD video welding tutorial/instructional program.  Would the "tuition" or cost of streaming video rentals be acceptable, assuming the cost reflects a quality training program and return on your investment?  If these videos could be streamed and viewed on a big screen television would that be useful?  What about an internet interactive classroom offering live student feedback and real time discussion? 
Welding is a hand-to-eye coordination industrial art.  Many learn better from the visual and even auditory training level than by reading a textbook, although the science of metallurgy is very important and often covered in text.  Each medium has its place.
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