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Diesel Swap Into a Dodge 3500

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This is just a feasability question. I have this great running 2003 Dodge 3500 cummins, NV5600.  Pretty much my dream truck. I don't need all that power but it pulls my camper with ease and makes a great daily driver.


But it is BEAT TO CRAP, and it's 2WD.  So i am on the lookout for a parts truck to scavenge all cosmetic stuff it needs to not be ugly. 


But then i thought, what if i found a good truck to put the drive train in? A 10 year-old gasser with a blown motor could probably be had pretty cheap. 


Would there be crazy wire harness problems and welded frame parts, or did they make the truck ready for either engine?

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Hertfordnc...First off is the question of chassis stamina.  The diesel needs to be fitted into a Ram 2500 or 3500.  I'd prefer the 3500 if available.


As for frame differences, here is the frame layout for both gas and diesel engine applications from the era you describe.  (I used 2005 for these illustrations.)  There are motor mount differences, obviously, but this will clarify the basic frame interchangeability:


2005 Dodge Ram Frame Specs.pdf


Start your research here.  I have parts details, too, including motor mounts and such, if you need that kind of information.  The PDF layouts can be zoomed-in for a bigger image view.


Trust this is helpful...



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