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Bit o' Fun for a Rainy Afternoon

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Okay, so I don't have much to add that's informative, nor a question, so much as a statement that I had a great afternoon today.  Managed to go pound around in the hills today and take a look-see what the deer hunters were up to.  Met a rancher and his two sons, and had a real nice visit with them over a cup o' mud and a stale PBJ.  


Spotted eight or ten Speedius Goatius, otherwise know as 'antelope' or pronghorns, but with deer season six days old, they were spooky as hell, and I had to use 40X on the spotting scope to make out what they were, as they were flat covering some real estate, and I was the only rig in the small valley!  Didn't see any Mulies, nor elk, but did take a "Poke 'n Hope" shot at what looked like a real dandy of a badger at around 200 yards with the 5.56mm.  S'Okay, as the last one of them that I tried to take with a .22, I had to shoot 18 times before he expired at my feet!


Came home, turned on the tube while lunch was warming up in the nuke box, and NetFlix decided that I might like to watch Hatari!  Ain't seen that since I was in knee-highs!  First thing to jump out were a couple of right hand drive CJ6's, and a couple of FC's with flatbeds trying their darnedest to roll over out in country that looked a LOT like what I'd just rolled in from!  As a matter of fact, it was long enough ago that those vehicles could still be purchased new, and some of my neighbors had 'em up in the foothills and out on the desert.


If you're up for a decent flick that you won't be embarassed to have your little ones, and even your grand little ones watch, you might wanna check 'er out!  Have fun, don't git caught!

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