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Replacing Jeep TJ Wrangler Half Door Handles

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The paddle handles on the ouside of my TJ drivers door is difficult to open and usually remains stuck open.  The paddle is twisted inside the rest of the housing so I'm assuming there's a bushing that has worn out and now causing the paddle to rub against the housing.


I ordered replacement handles from Quadratec, and when they arrived I found the two bolt holes that hold the handle assembly inside the door are not tapped.


Does anyone know what size thread this hardware is, so I can get the correct tap and complete the installation???  I plan on calling the parts desk at the Jeep dealer, and hopefully they can locate the bolts and provide this information to save some time.

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Marc...Here are the parts schematics and numbers from Mopar.  "Tapping" refers to self-threading screws.  If any of your original screws are self-tapping and reusable, this might save a trip to the Jeep/Mopar source.  Regardless, the part numbers are found here:


2002 TJ Wrangler Door Lock Mechanism.pdf


Trust this helps and saves time...I included full and half doors, scroll down the PDF.



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Looking at the schematic you attached, the screws are actually item 5.  They are to attach the door handle itself (item 7) to the door.  They don't seem to be self tapping from the schemaitc, but the thread is listed M5x16.  I called to double check with the dealer, and they confirmed the thread size.  Actually, I called them this morning and the guy said he didn't have a thread size only a part number.  When I called them after your post to see if he could confirm 100% the self tapping characteristic I got a different guy, and he confirmed the size without me giving it to him first.


Even though I'm confident I need the tap, I'll pick up some self tapping M5 screws along with a tap while I'm at the parts store today just in case.  I can always return the tap if I end up not needing it for the install.  I haven't needed an M5 tap in the past 10 years so I doubt I'll need it anytime soon outside this project...  If it turns out I didn't need the screws, I'll put them in an empty harware bin on my shelf.  I'll use them eventually.


Thanks for the help!

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