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The magazine's YouTube Channel generates a lot of questions, and I encourage viewers to join us at these forums.  A current exchange involved a viewer installing a 4.0L Jeep water pump and asking about how to seal the gasket and engine-to-block.  This is worthwhile for our forum community, here is the discussion:


Question from Ben D.:  Did you use Gasgacinch between the water pump gasket and block?  Looooong time ago I remember using RTV. Was it necessary?


My reply:  I like Gasgacinch on a cut paper gasket like the water pump.  RTV can slough and find its way into the radiator tubes and clog.  An even coating of Gasgacinch, on each side of the cut gasket, is wise.  Gasgacinch resists coolant, gear lube, engine oil and other automotive fluids.  It works well around higher temperature castings.  Edelbrock private labels the product for its valve cover and intake manifold gaskets, each a higher heat area of the engine.  (Gasgacinch is not for an exhaust manifold where I would use Permatex Ultra-Copper RTV or Permatex Copper Spray-a-Gasket Hi-Temp sealant.)  Like many other professionals, I have used Gasgacinch in motorcycle engine work.  My recent XR650R Honda project's rocker box to cylinder head seal is one example of a precisely machined, interference fit without a gasket, using only Gasgacinch for that fit.  (There is no factory gasket here, just sealant.)  This is a good discussion for the magazine's forums at: http://forums.4WDmechanix.com.  Join us, Ben!...Moses




I use Gasgacinch on transmission and transfer case cut gaskets, engine oil pan (cork, rubber or composition) gaskets, seal jackets and shells, bolt threads, and many other paper gasket and interference fit locations.  It works well when coated evenly, and Gasgacinch has excellent tacking ability for holding an awkward cut paper or cork gasket in place during installation.  The YouTube video series on the Jeep Cherokee 4.0L cooling system and water pump work is at: http://www.4wdmechanix.com/How-to-Jeep-4.0L-Water-Pump-and-Serpentine-Belt.html.  Gasgacinch is a long time respected sealant and belt dressing, and yes, it can help preserve and quiet belts!



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