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There's never an excess of stowage space for off-pavement travel. Often, owners turn to specialty trailers for carrying necessities into the back country. For this purpose, the sometimes inexpensive surplus military trailers have become iconic, including the U.S. military M416 1/4-ton trailer for short wheelbase Jeep 4x4s and other short wheelbase tow vehicles, and the M415 1/2-ton trailers for the four-wheel drive club's support pickup truck to lug around. There is also an aftermarket with custom built trailers, specialty designs that mimic or exceed the virtues of the sturdy military trailers. These trailers often incorporate a tent as well, making family recreation more comfortable and practical.


This forum is for off-road trailer enthusiasts and users to share information, equipment and hitch tips and upgrades with others. There is a distinct need here, and owners of these off-road trailers can be of great service to newcomers!—Moses Ludel


post-1-0-48474100-1365255732_thumb.jpg post-1-0-90525300-1365255734_thumb.jpg


Reno 4x4 and Hills Angels clean up Moss Lake above Reno, Nevada. Mark's Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler with widened track pulls a larger military-type off-road trailer at left. On the right, Craig's Jeep CJ-5 totes a compact multipurpose trailer. The U.S. Military M415 and M416 surplus trailers are popular for off-road use as are many custom designs. With an appropriate hitch system, Mark has been over the Rubicon and other tough Sierra trails many times—with the trailer in tow.

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