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Moses, can we post videos or a link to a video?  I'd like to share my technical issues and think that video would be helpful.



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Forman, I like your use of either photos or a techy video.  If we're talking about YouTube, this is very simple to do with this forum software.  (Of course, links are easy to insert as well.)


So, here's the scoop:  Go to the YouTube video at the actual YouTube channel.  (Don't copy share code at a third party website.)  Simply click on the player's "Share" symbol at the top right, and copy the share code.  Paste the share code into your forum post where you want it.  (Don't get "creative" and try to center the code in the post, leave it set at the left margin.) You should get something like this:



As a footnote, by doing this copy-and-paste and providing the YouTube player, there is no limit to the video's length or MB size.  The post player is simply the conduit to YouTube's server for playing the video right here at the forum!  Try it...



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