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The Land Rover has scoured the Earth, leaving its footprint on every continent and in the roughest of terrain. In the U.S. market, the Discovery and Defender 90 models have distinguished themselves as off-road, "overlanding" 4x4s.


My familiarity with the Land Rover heightened in the mid-'ninties when I participated on 'Team U.S.A.' in the Land Rover Trek event, an intensive, one-day condensed version of the notorious Camel Trophy. Held at Georgia, our competition included a cross-country foot race before dawn, orienteering, a pulley descent on ropes, canoeing, slogging through deep, red clay mud on an all-terrain bicycle, driving Land Rover models in tight courses of mud, and changing tires in this muck. The final competitive segment was teeter-tottering vehicles and timed winching with the Land Rovers.


Fortunately, I had the good sense to train vigorously for this event, and our team—Sue Mead, Nick Dimbleby and yours truly—earned a podium finish and trophies. We were pleased with our performance and the ability of the Land Rover, too! Land Rover also sponsored my Tread Lightly midnight presentation before the Eco Challenge participants at Whistler, B.C., an event that helped launch Mark Burnett's production career!


This community forum is for Land Rover owners, whether postwar vehicle aficionados and restorers or contemporary owners. There are also many devoted Defender 90 owners, including my friend Bill Burke of 4-Wheeling America. Bill was a Camel Trophy participant, and we co-instructed Tread Lightly 4WD Driving Clinics together. Enjoy building this community of like-minded Land Rover enthusiasts and overlanders!—Moses Ludel    

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