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'48 Willys Trailer Build

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More pics soon.  I have two Willys and this one is pretty bad.


I'm going to build a trailer out of the rear of this Willys. I am also thinking of keeping the rear axle there for now. 

I was thinking about adding brakes (don't really need to) to help on some down hill adventures. 

What do you think ?










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'48 Willys trailer being constructed to date. 

Using some 3/4" .095 square tubing and metal for the front to make corners to match the rear etc. 

2" ball and will add a 1" DayStar body lift (have in stock). 

Used front bumper for rear bumper. 

After I get it all done, I will tare it down to paint/install new bolts, BL etc.


Note: this Willy's was sitting on a CJ5 frame.















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Jim, i would definitely add trailer brakes. The trailer might turn out to be compact and not very heavy, but fully loaded it might end up extremely heavy, and push against the truck, and cause the trucks brakes to work harder, and especially on big hills would definitely be worth it to have.

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I have a Willy's axle under uit right now and that has 10" brakes.  Some have suggested getting a trailer axle w/5x5.5 pattern and electric brakes which sounds good.


Just have to finish it and then take the tub off for paint.


I think I am going to paint it Tan and the Willy's Tan since I have a OD Jeep already but that is still up in the air.  I would really like to leave the bumps and bruises on the trailer and the Willy's-adds character I think. 


Stay tuned  :)

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