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'93 Jeep YJ Transmission Shifter Loose-Won't Go Into Any Gear!

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Got my first jeep about a month ago, a '93 YJ Wrangler 2.5L 4-cyl, 5-speed manual. Went to drive off, got up to 2nd gear, and the regular manual shifter (not the 4WD transfer case) went loose in my hand. I can still drive it, but only in 2nd gear, where it was when it broke. The manual 5-speed shifter won't go into any gear, just wobbles around freely without engaging.


Clutch is fine. I'm hoping it's some sort of shifter linkage bushing that broke, due to the suddenness of the problem, but don't know where to begin looking. Just had my rear brakes and emergency brake cable replaced about a week prior to this happening - don't know if that could be a cause.


Any assistance pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. I'm capable of doing a repair, but don't know my way around Jeeps at all yet. Pics would be a plus! Thanks for your time.

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Welcome to the forums, BusyBee123!  You have an AX5 transmission, sounds like a shifter control tower problem from your description. We've covered the AX15 transmission in the 4.0L six-cylinder Jeep YJ and TJ Wrangler models, even the Dodge Dakota, now you have broadened our horizons to include the 2.5L engine's AX5 Aisin Warner five-speed manual transmission!


The AX5 is in many ways similar to the AX15, so I will refer you to my AX15 transmission rebuild, a step-by-step how-to at the magazine.  That article includes 209 illustrated and detailed steps, and you can see the relationship of parts and how the control tower and shifter lever interact with the rest of the shift mechanism.  The article is a two-part, the first part is at this link: http://www.4wdmechanix.com/Moses-Ludel-Rebuilds-the-Jeep-AX-15-Transmission,-Part-1-Disassembly-Inspection.html


I am trusting that the lever has simply come loose.  Pay particular attention to illustration AX-15-4 and AX-15-5, then go to AX-15-197 through AX-15-205 (in Part II).  You'll see how these pieces fit and what should be there in the way of parts.


Get back to us on the "fix", and if you need more assistance, we're here!  Welcome to the forums, looking forward to your topic posts, replies and photos of your "new" Jeep Wrangler and four-wheeling!



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