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After years of private labeling the Japanese Mazda/Courier compact pickup, Ford introduced the Ranger pickup and Bronco II. Detroit's own design, scaled down versions of proven Ford truck technology from the era, these compact models earned a following. We purchased our '85 Bronco II new, our first new vehicle, and drove the San Diego County backcountry with a unique and rare option package: factory limited slip differentials both front and rear! The Bronco II originally boasted a 2.8L Capri (Ford Europe) V-6 with carburetor that would be replaced by the significantly more powerful 2.9L EFI/MPI engine in 1986. Later 4.0L V-6 and V-8 SUV models benefited from the Bronco II and Ranger technology, and evolved components suited Ford and Mercury SUVs with intermediate wheelbases...The Ford compact 4x4 community meets here and shares technology, projects and experiences!—Moses Ludel

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