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Mettowee Off Road Extreme Park

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The story behind this is that after all the rain we have had recently, my wife got a few days off, because her office was flooded, so we decided to just take a road trip. After getting low on gas, we stopped to fill up, and while at the gas station, i ran into a couple guys from the Finger Lakes 4x4 club, and they were on their way to the Mettowee Park to go mudding. We decided to tag along, ultimately making our one or two day road trip last almost 5 days.

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I found this place by accident recently. It is fairly new, and some of the rules are, at least to me, a bit restrictive, such as no pets, but they do provide a decent place to play with an off road vehicle. When we were there, they were running a mud bog event, but according to their facebook page, they also have a dirt bike track for younger riders, a couple of basic and one intermediate level trail, with almost no restriction on vehicle type, and weekend camping as well. They also do an obstacle course type event, according to the owner. The only website i could find for them is their Facebook page, which is at https://www.facebook...142756169097329. We had a great time there!

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