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For anyone looking for info on the I-H Scout, Scout II, and Travelall, a good source of info, according to a couple family members, is Super Scout. According to their website, http://www.superscoutspecialists.com/store/default.aspx, they are specialists in all of the I-H vehicles, and according to a couple family members, they are extremely knowledgable and helpful.


Another site, that may or may not be able to get body parts, is http://www.lkqcorp.com/us/en/auto-light-truck-parts/aftermarket-parts-by-keystone.aspx. They are LKQ corporation, owners of Keystone aftermarket body parts. I have never gotten body parts for an I-H, but i have gotten parts for older domestic trucks and vans from them, and pricing actually seems pretty reasonable. As far as i know, though, you can only do phone orders, as well as in store orders and pick up if they have a store near you.

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Have known John Glancy since the 1980s, this business is officially licensed by I-H and works diligently on behalf of the I-H truck and Scout community.  I covered the Springfield, Ohio annual I-H light truck and Scout gathering for OFF-ROAD Magazine in the late '80s and have enjoyed lasting friendships from that event. 


I-H truck and Scout owners are strongly supported through this parts outlet.  "Thanks, biggman100!" for bringing this up.  Anyone who owns an I-H truck or Scout will want to bookmark the Super Scout website as a reference, parts source and historical resource!



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