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I want to encourage others to become forum members. Joining these forums is free, and it is very easy to become a member, just as fast as becoming a member on any other website or forum!


Moses Ludel, the publisher of the magazine and author of several books, has many years of valuable experience at professional repairs and maintenance.  He has hands on, valuable experience at building magazine specialty vehicles for places like the Rubicon Trail and all-weather/all-terrain use—with lots of travel and back country experiences to share!  Moses Ludel taught 4WD driving clinics for the Tread Lightly program, too.


In becoming a member, you will find diverse yet on-topic conversations, ranging from old and new Jeep vehicles to GM, Ford, Dodge and Ram, Toyota and other 4WD trucks and SUVs.  We also talk about off-road motorcycles, camping, outdoor lifestyle interests and even places to visit or have an adventure, whether it be for a day, or a week, or you are looking for a new place to move!


I'm getting reliable information, professional advice, money saving tips, safety recommendations and, for the first time, practical and proven solutions that don't always involve spending a fortune.  And when it's time to buy parts and aftermarket items, I'm making better choices and have confidence that the upgrades and accessories will actually work!


Join us, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor, and we'd like your participation!

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I first read Moses's writing when I bought his Jeep Owner's Bible years ago.  As my TJ has gotten older and higher in mileage, the stroker upgrade all over the internet caught my eye and led me to Moses's video series on the topic - I highly recommend watching it.  I trust the advice that I get from Moses because of the research he does and the volume of knowledge he shares on topics, in addition to his credentials.  For Pete's sake, Jeep calls Moses! 


I joined the forum to solicit advice on my cylinder #1 misfire.  My mechanic advised replacing the motor due to the 250k mileage.  Moses started with fundamentals, rather than part swaps.  And other folks here have chimed in with additional advice.  The misfire topic is getting a lot of views, so I assume there's a bunch of other TJ owners whose Jeeps are aging and need some attention.  I agree with Biggman, joining this forum and posting a question is going to get you help and educate the rest of us. 

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  I joined these forums after researching how to install gears in the AAM 11.5 rear axle on my truck. While researching that I found Moses' handy work at the magazine and kick butt how-to with pictures. I was like, finally a forum run by someone who can back up what they are posting!  I was tired of forums being run by people who clearly have no idea what it is they are rambling on about and constantly giving incorrect info. Plus the constant bashing of people for newbie questions and things. That stuff gets old. You know, if I want to be badgered about what I am doing in the garage, I would just go talk to my wife!  


Forums are supposed to be about sharing information, not condemning people because they do things differently or have different ideas. If we are to support our hobbies for the next generation then it needs to be done differently than the old way.


   None of us are masters of it all when it comes to off-road ventures. Some may know more than others, but that doesn't give them the right to trash people for trying to learn. There are a lot of great 2 car garage mechanics out there that are trying to learn and have good knowledge to share. They may feel like not sharing this info in fear of being called out for not being a "real" mechanic. If I think I have any knowledge that can help someone, I gladly share it. I'm not a mechanic by any certified standards, but my mechanical skills can hold their own. I learn from doing things, and I have done a lot of things wrong in the past lol. I figure if I can share my failures with others, it will save you the trouble.


    I know this is a relatively new and small group now, but you can bet it will get big. All of us watch the content, which will make a few people mad, but if it does they were obviously here for the wrong reason. We're not the moral police, just trying to stay on topic and real, open to everyone. 


These forums are the way it should be for people looking for facts and support and for those trying to help. Also, I like the easy to use garage photo gallery feature for your builds. It's like having your own magazine showcase lol. Alright, back to work before I have to fire myself...If I lose too much income, these 4x4 projects will never get done!

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