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The 1000 Islands on Lake Ontario


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I know this is already known as a popular tourist destination, but this post isn't so much about the tourist areas as it is the non traditional areas. While the 1000 Islands does offer exceptional boating, camping, lodging, food and even some hiking, what most tourist sites don't touch much on is the historical areas. One of the things that i did, when we went there a couple years ago, was to stay away from the traditional, known tourist areas, and instead, get caught up in the wilderness. I found not only many historical buildings, from old farm houses to an old school house, and even a fort left over from the french-indian war, tucked away on a road that wasn't even shown on my GPS. The state is supposed to have plans to restore it.


Another thing i found quite a few of were lighthouses. Being that the 1000 Islands are right on Lake Ontario, and also near the St. Lawrence causeway, and also across from Ontario, Canada, there is a lot of boat and ship traffic. There was also an old boat yard that was built in the late 1800s, tucked away at the end of a road and still in operation. Most of these places you won't find in tour guides, but if you are like me, a bit of getting lost and you will find a host of interesting things to see and do.


One tourist attraction i do want to mention, though, mainly because it is a sight to see, is Boldt castle. The only way to get to the castle is by boat, but it is worth the short trip. The castle is a bit of a tragedy, in that the original owner and builder, George C Boldt, who made his money building hotels, had built the castle for his wife. However, before the castle was completed, his wife passed away suddenly, and the day she passed, he told the workers to stop and abandoned the castle unfinished.


I will add a small note here about the rest of the 1000 Islands. There are tons of websites about the area, but most of them aren't up to date on current events and happenings, so if you would like more info on the region, the best site is http://www.visit1000islands.com/visitorinfo/ They not only have info on the boating, camping, lodging, and food in the area, but also the most current and up to date information on special events and gatherings.


For the folks who would like information on Boldt castle, with several pics and visitor info, that site is http://www.boldtcastle.com/visitorinfo/.

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