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When I wrote the Ford F-Series Pickup Owner's Bible (Bentley Publishers) in the early 1990s, I included years of personal  involvement with Ford truck products. From the flathead V-8 and Y-block eras, FE and small-block eras, to the modern diesels and gasoline Triton engines, Ford F-trucks have made an indelible mark. I know these engines and powertrains intimately and look forward to the growth of this Ford F-truck community forum. Loyal owners, enthusiasts and restorers, from the earliest F-1, -2 and -3 models to the contemporary F-trucks, can share their pride and insights around these trucks...I began my Ford truck work with a 1938 flathead pickup, owned a '51 F-3 pickup, restored a '55 F100 with a Y-block, rebuilt and blueprinted muscle car era FE V-8s, and worked with later model Ford trucks, including Navistar diesel power and Triton engines. As a Ford technology guy, I will drop into the discussion from time to time!—Moses Ludel 

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