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I posted about the upcoming Dodge Ram 1500 3.0l diesel, manufactured by VM Motori. Now, nothing has been released yet as far as i know related to GM, but the article i read about the engine stated that GM may also be using a version of the same engine in their line of light duty trucks. If they do, the speculation is that they are planning to use it in select lines of 1/2 ton, light duty pickups and SUVs, including the 1500 series, tahoe and possibly suburban. The article i read stated that GM owns a stake in the company that produces the engine, VM Motori, and that GM has expressed possible interest in the engine.

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Haven't researched this and really can't comment...One thought, though, is that the Suburban would not have its traditional tow capacity with this engine.  For perspective, this engine was originally slated for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.  The torque is quite respectable, but horsepower is nowhere near the G.M. Duramax V-8, which seems far better suited for a Suburban.


Let's get more information on this one.  The 3.0L VM Motori strikes me as small for Suburban material.  Better a scaled down version (try 4.8L or 5.3L traditional GM configurations) of the Duramax V-8 diesel that would comply with the light-duty emissions standard in California, permitting GM to offer superior power in a diesel light-duty 1/2-ton pickup, SUV or even a 1/2-ton 1500 Suburban.  Scaled and detuned, the smaller Duramax would not require the heavy-duty axles and transmissions found in 2500 and 3500 GM trucks. 



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