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Adirondacks a couple weeks ago, we found a new place on the shore of a rather large but very shallow lake, that the deepest part was maybe 20 feet, and with all the big rocks and trees and whatever else was in the water, i didn't bother taking the jet-ski's off the trailer.


Since i love to be on the water, i decided to take one of his kayaks, and he was right. I'm not saying im ready to sell the skis and the boat, but after taking 3 hours to row around the edge of the lake, i actually noticed a lot of things i missed with the power toys (what my father in law calls the boat and the jet skis).

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The lake in this post, is Lime Kiln Lake, at Inlet NY, between 4th and 5th lakes, in the upper Adirondacks. It is a gorgeous place to visit, and to camp, as it is a part of the Lime Kiln campgrounds. The water is pretty shallow, but extremely clear, so even 100 feet from shore, at least when the sun is out, you can still see bottom.


The lake is full of various fish, which honestly, since im not a big fisherman, i couldn't tell you what types they are, and ducks and loons are also very prevalent as well. The area does have black bears, that have been known to get close to people's campsites, so they have lockers at each site for you to store food and drinks in, to keep them safe.


At night, when it gets extremely quiet, you can hear the loons singing, wolves howling on clear nights, and sometimes even hear a bear or two roaming around. The last time we went, at the end of July, our campsite was directly across from my in-laws, and one night, my father in law's outdoor camera caught pics of a bear very close to their truck. Not only is there Lime Kiln lake, but 1st through 8th lakes, as well as sis and bub lakes. Most of the lakes are easily accessible, except sis and bub lakes, both of which require a hike over fairly level but soft terrain, with sis lake being 1/2 mile from the start of the trail, and bub lake a mile from the start.

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