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I'm working on a scout II it has a 304 in it that has not run in 15 to 20 years I pulled the distributor to run the oil pump. I then pull the valve cover and spun the oil pump good oil flow on left side rocker arm but no flow on right side anyone got any suggestions.

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Doug3...You're on the right track by priming the engine before running it...Make sure the rocker arms move freely and the valves open-and-close properly. I would start priming with #1 piston at TDC on its compression stroke; rotate the crankshaft 90 degrees and prime again; then rotate the crank to 180 degrees, prime again; then rotate to 270 degrees, prime again; then rotate to 360 degrees. (#1 piston is now at TDC on its exhaust stroke.) 

Prime at TDC of the exhaust stroke and repeat the 90-, 180- and 270-degree priming, bringing the crankshaft back to TDC for #1 piston on its compression stroke.  Align the oil pump drive as you drop the distributor back into the engine with the rotor pointed to #1 spark lead of the distributor cap.

At one or several of these priming points, you should get good oil flow at each rocker shaft.  Make sure the rockers open and close freely while performing these steps.  Let us know if this solves the oiling issue.  If not, share whether any work appears to have been done to the top engine/valvetrain (rocker shafts, rocker arms, etc.).

When ready to start up, I'd run fresh oil and a quart of Rislone Engine Treatment with a new oil filter.    


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