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Installed Carter AFB Four-Barrel on 1976 Jeep CJ7 304 V8

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Have a 1976 cj7 installed a carter afb 4 barrel carburetor and of course 4 barrel intake, now when I try to start it gasoline is shooting out of the top of the carburetor. What could be causing the issue?

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Nash...If gas is "flooding" over from the float bowl, the carburetor's needle/seat and float level need attention.  The float could be dropping too low and cocking the needle open.  The float level could be set too high.

If gasoline is coming up from the throat of the carburetor, that's an internal circuit, gasket or check ball issue.  If you have not changed the ignition timing, this should not be "backfire" flooding.

Was the carburetor used?  If so, I would bench strip it and carefully follow the instructions that come with a rebuild/overhaul kit.  Make sure all parts are in place and match up properly.  Is this carburetor a genuine Carter AFB, or is it a similar Edelbrock four-barrel?  If a true AFB, what was the engine application for this carburetor? 


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