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97 TJ 4.0 3 SP AUTO.

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Good Morning Mose, I have a no start issue on my 97. At first I thought it was the CPS. Replaced it and still no start. The motor will crank. So currently I have no spark at the plugs, no fuel pressure, the atl and fuel gauges do not work. My scanner will not read or mate to the PCM. I'm in the process of checking all of the grounds. I have no blown fuses.

I need to test the PCM but I don't know how. I found some info but for a 2004. So the wire color codes were not a match. I've searched for some wiring diagrams without much luck.  

Thank you in advance



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While checking grounds and conditions I found this ground strap. As you can see there are 2 straps attached to the firewall. 1 is attached to the head the other is free. I can only guess that it's never been used based on the conditions. Just a FYI at this point.


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Interesting, Monty.  As long as you have substantial grounds between the 1) battery to engine, 2) engine to body/firewall, 3) body to frame and, optionally, 4) the engine to frame, you should be good.  The negative side of 12VDC needs to carry the same amperage as the power side.  Factory grounds are "just enough" to do this.  Years ago, when I ran frequency welders on my 4x4s, I used 1/0 welding grade ground cables between the four points described.


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