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1971 Jeepster Commando Hurst Resurrection

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Check out my slide show illustrating 5 years of spending lots of money, time in the garage wrenching and on the computer searching for stuff. It was a long journey and it is still not finished. Needs some chrome works and other things. This is almost my daily driver, living in Florida I take it out multiple times a week.  Old Jeep of any kind rule!


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Swisshog Thunderbolt...I watched your embedded video with great interest and a smile at the end.  Wonderful, painstaking restoration, exciting that you've made this a near daily driver, it is in top condition now with a stout and reliable chassis and powertrain.

The Hurst models were stunning when new, I remember them well.  You have been faithful to the details that distinguish this rare model.  Saginaw steering, the rugged GM THM400 automatic transmission, a 44 rear axle with one-piece axle shafts, the closed knuckle 27 front axle and the original Spicer/Dana 20 through-drive transfer case set this model apart.  The ride quality, 101" wheelbase length for stability and your tire choice should each contribute to a safe, street worthy, off-pavement capable Jeep 4x4. 

1971 was the pinnacle of improvements to the Kaiser-design Jeepster.  Earlier quirks and outdated technology had each disappeared by 1971.  All Jeep owners and others who value 4x4s should take the time to watch this slideshow/video.  Even the soundtrack is done in good taste!


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