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Hi, stump jumper...Always good to know that the early generation Scout 80s and 800s are still in service.  Which engine do you have?  Scout Parts at scoutparts.com shows a rebuilt alternator for 1961-71 models with no mention of any required brackets.  This may be a simpler 1-wire (GM style) hookup but needs clarification and confirmation.  Use the search box at the site with the keyword "alternator":


I have been familiar with these folks for many decades now, they would also be a knowledgeable resource:


Due to their hook-up simplicity, the GM single wire alternators are popular for street rods and generator-to-alternator conversions.  These units have a rectifier bridge and no external regulator.  They generally use an exciter wire and higher amp gauge charge line.  What is most important with any of these conversions is the wiring

You are stepping up in amperage, especially the amp output at an idle, which is why an alternator is so much better than a traditional D.C. generator.  Proper wire gauge on the charge lead to the junction or battery is crucial.  Depending upon load and length, you need to step up in gauge as necessary.  Make sure high amp current cannot flow through any lower amperage (lighter gauge) wire.   If you change to a "universal" single wire alternator, make sure you have a wiring diagram with recommended wire sizing.  I have gone as far as 1/0 gauge charge and ground wiring when running a 140 amp alternator that powers up an onboard frequency welder.    

The two links/resources can likely answer questions about brackets.  Otherwise, you will need to fabricate an alternator mounting bracket and possibly a belt adjuster arm.  Alignment of the pulleys and the correct belt size is essential.  None of this is rocket science.  It can be worked through.

Let us know how you resolve the alternator installation...


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