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I'm trying to sell some old jeep and Scout parts that are stored in a barn.  The property is likely to be sold soon and the parts are likely to be scrapped.  The owner died several years ago and his widow, a relative of a freind, could use the money just to get by.  I'm not making anything on this, but am trying to help the hobby, by preventing this stuff from being scrapped, and the lady, who could use some money to pay medical expenses.  All prices are negotiable but I will not ship.  Pick up is in Waukesha, WI.  I have this stuff listed on several other jeep sites but found this forum while looking for Scout forums.  Some of this stuff might be Jeep stuff too, but the wheels would fit both.  $100 for all the Scout stuff.  Wheels are $15 each, you deal with the tires, they've been out in the sun for over twenty years.  I don't know how many pictures are allowed in one posting so I'll move to another.








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IMG_7273.JPG.ff6bda30614a627af9cd2de3cd35fa05.JPG$100 for the box of articulating search lights.  The skid plate is probably CJ3A and the metal cup for the snubber has been cut off.  The anylizer is old, condition unknown, come and play with it, if it works, $100 for everything in the cabinet.





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  • Moses Ludel changed the title to I-H Scout 800 Parts and Vintage Analyzer for Sale
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JAB...It's apparent that you're trying to do the right thing, I'd like to think you'll get a response from your area.  It's distinctly I-H Scout, an 800 model from the sixties.  The analyzer and engine hoist have some value if they still work.  Good luck with your sale...


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  • Moses Ludel changed the title to I-H Scout 800 Parts, Tools and Older Engine Analyzer for Sale

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