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If you are looking for a way to keep your stuff from pounding around inside or outside your vehicle, the answer might be here:  End of the Road Inc. from Nashville makes rubber anchors called "Quick Fist Clamps" for anchoring all kinds of stuff for both easy access and to keep items in place as you bounce over the rocks and ruts in your explorations of the back country.


It appears they began by making stuff to keep fire and emergency tools safely stowed on trucks.  Their solution seems to be a great fit for off highway vehicles.


They offer a wide range of clamps, straps, and brackets that just may put a dent in the bungee cord market.  If you have struggled with keeping your fire extinguisher, hi-lift jack, shovel, and other "must have stuff" from bouncing off you and your passengers, your search may be over.


Check out www.endroad.com.  They sell direct, with low cost shipping!!!!  You can also find some of their stuff at Cabelas and Amazon.com.

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Nevada ATV, thanks much for opening this section with a practical, universal product suggestion!  Members and guests will value looking into the "Quick Fist Clamps" at the company's website (www.endroad.com).  I did!


This is a line of functional products for folks with our interests and needs.  Check out the website!



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I actually have some experience with these. My step dad bought them to attach to his ladder racks when the original clamps broke, and the original clamps were too expensive to replace. He has had them on his truck for awhile now, and they seem to be pretty durable, even in winter weather. They do tend to get a bit stiff if they get too cold, but it doesn't seem to hurt them in any way. And, i have noticed that they adapt to almost any shape, as long as the shape fits inside the clamp. My brother is a volunteer fire fighter, and that's how my dad heard about them in the first place. My brother said they use them to hold all kinds of equipment in the new rescue truck they have. I am thinking of getting some to put in the bed of my Dakota for when i go camping, to hold the coolers and stuff from sliding all over. I usually use bungee cords, but they seem to not last as long as id like them too. A friend of mine said he uses them in his 26 foot enclosed race car trailer to hold down things like fire extinguishers and even to hold the tire racks, because he didn't want the tire racks permanently attached to the trailer. He said he has found quite a few uses for them, from holding gas cans, to tire racks, and even to keep the tool boxes from rolling around. I would say that they are definitely worth what you pay for them.

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