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Member Suggested the "Let's Talk!" Category and Forums

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At the 4WD Mechanix Magazine 'Tech and Travel' Forums, the goal is meaningful discussion groups and forum communities.  We value everyone's input, and when member "biggman100" made the following suggestion, I promptly responded:


"I have a suggestion for the forums. We should have an off topic area that isn't specific to any one make or model, so users can post comments or suggestions relating to the off-road community, items that wouldn't otherwise fit in any one category. Like, for an example, say a new style multi-fit bed tool box comes out, and someone wants info on it. Or maybe someone would like to share experiences with a certain off road parts supplier—that kind of thing...I have a question that has been submitted to every forum I am on. It's about time to get my wife a new car, and I'm curious about AWD sedans. I have been asking around for opinions but haven't yet found a place to post such a question..."


Well, biggman100, please post your full question at this forum! The new "Let's Talk!" category and these four new forum groups are specially set up to field these kinds of questions. Thanks for your suggestion, it's now a part of the message board communities!



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I have a 1990 Jeep Wrangler with 2.5 Manual shift.

  I would really like to replace the TBI with a complete new one and have had no luck in finding one. I found that the 1991 Is a MPI so that will not work.

  I have the part number as 53005223 but everywhere I look they have been discontinued.

 Do you know of a new, rebuilt, or even an aftermarket TBI I could use. I have even considered replacing it with a Carb and making the Ignition conversion but I really don't want to since everything else works good.

  Please help,

   Richard in NC.

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Jeep90Wrangler...See the 2.5L TBI Troubleshooting discussion here at the forums...Many members work on their own 2.5L TBI systems by following the steps covered.  The TBI unit is not complicated if you stick with factory service procedures.  

"2.5L TBI Troubleshooting" in the search box at these forums will return many topics.  You'll find details on troubleshooting and repairing your Jeep YJ Wrangler's 2.5L TBI system.

This is just one example of the many topics surrounding 2.5L Jeep TBI engine troubleshooting:



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