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Introducing the Autel® MP408 MaxiScope and OAK Accessories

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Given the options available in the automotive lab scope market, I chose the Autel® MP408 MaxiScope lab scope with a blow-mold case (optional).  Adding the Autel OAK accessories kit is also wise, as the kit includes 65 and 650 amp probes, a Coil-On-Plug pickup wand and two C-O-P coil extensions with ground straps.

The only additional item I recommend for start-up use is an extra Hantek HT25 Secondary Ignition Probe.  Since I work with distributor ignitions like our 1999 Jeep® XJ Cherokee 4.0L engine, I need the extra secondary ignition pickup for either 1) a secondary spark parade or 2) as a trigger for #1 cylinder.  A trigger is necessary when trying to pinpoint the firing order and identify a specific cylinder(s) with trouble symptoms.

In the video at this topic, I walk you through the Autel® MP408 MaxiScope and OAK accessories package.  You will discover why the lab scope is my first pick for diagnostics and troubleshooting work on automotive engines, fuel systems, ignitions and chassis electronics.  Reading oscilloscope waveforms that represent current flow and voltage levels over time is a powerful tool for automotive diagnostics and troubleshooting.

For deeper engine condition diagnostics, in-cylinder pressure transducer tests are today's benchmark.  A far less costly alternative is the use of a pressure pulse sensor.  This sensor can prove useful for troubleshooting at the tailpipe, dipstick tube or intake manifold.  For now, I have added a pressure pulse sensor to my diagnostic equipment.  This will work with the MaxiScope and other lab scopes.  Eventually, an in-cylinder pressure transducer kit can be added for advanced pressure tests within the cylinder of a running engine.

Introducing these lab scope diagnostics and troubleshooting tools begins my in-depth instructional course to be released soon at Vimeo On Demand.  Mastery of the lab scope can prove more valuable—and cost effective—than other professional grade equipment investments today.  The lab scope can work perfectly well alone or in conjunction with a diagnostic scan tool.

I chose the Autel® MaxiScope for its exceptional features at an affordable price.  Techs and serious DIY users will value the versatility and functions of this scope, its rapid processing, 32M buffer memory, USB power source and the higher resolution 12-bit display.  Proper use of these tools is the key.  Within the forthcoming instructional series, I will cover the functions and many uses of an automotive lab scope.


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