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I have a 85 scrambler which is in need of brake upgrade.

I getting it back on the road after years of relaxation. 
I’m looking to add new disc setup to all 4 tires. 
booster and master double Plus all nee SS lines!!

any suggestions on brands and or kits?


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Gamble...SSBC has conversion kits that work with a "one-piece axle shaft".  I would contact SSBC to get clarification on which one-piece axle shaft design they mean.  Are they referring to Moser or TEN Factory?  A Warn rear full-floater conversion?  Which "one-piece axle shaft" design?

One-piece rear axle shafts would be essential for a disc brake conversion.  Factory two-piece shaft/flanges would not work under the heavier braking.  Also ask SSBC whether your factory hydraulic proportioning valve will work with the conversion.  The major benefit of the SSBC kit is a built-in E-brake.  You do need E-brakes!

Classic Tube and others make stainless brake tubing kits.  If you pursue a pre-bent tubing kit, ask about the addition of an aftermarket disc rear brake conversion. 

Crown has a combination heavy duty booster/master cylinder kit.  Again, make sure that it would be compatible with an SSBC disc rear brake conversion.  Crown also makes its own disc rear brake conversion.  If you consider a Crown rear disc brake conversion kit, ask about rear E-brakes, hydraulic proportioning and the kit's compatibility with specific one-piece aftermarket axle shafts.


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  • Moses Ludel changed the title to 1985 CJ8 Jeep Scrambler Rear Disc Brake Conversions

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